“His work is surprisingly mature and mastered, conceived with architectural purposes. A great sensitivity and formal invention as those proved by Crespo Rivera are necessary to avoid a mere decorative or frozen result. Precisely, his sensitivity and invention are the means to an art which is both serene palpitation and magic silence”.

José Hierro.

“Crespo Rivera’s work is a serious and responsible proposal of an art intended to silently introduce us to a different aproach to humanity, with no pretension of dishumanity, as some might think”.

García Viñolas

“Tomás Crespo Rivera, must be recalled among the most remarkable sculptopainters at the current Spanish artistic panorama”.

Raúl Chavarri

“Tomas Crespo Rivera masters sculpainting in its purest state. His sculptopaintings made in wood with an uniform colour are characterised for their postconstructivist rigour and geometry, along with wide spheroid surfaces allying serenity and plasticity. Pure muralist, waits, as many other sculptopainters of our times, for the architect or the urbanist able to insert his work in a convenient atmosphere”

Carlos Arean

“Crespo Rivera’s work has an architectonic vocation, providing through a depured technic controlled feeling and latent emotion shaped in absolutleness vocation”.

Rosa Maria de la Hidalga

"It is not my pretension to establish a comparison between both artists, - I am refering to Rueda and Crespo Rivera – but the appointment is inevitable and makes clearly evident the category of Crespo Rivera, who can bear being compared with such a famous master of modern art without loosing his neighborly and criteria".

J. J Castro de Beraza

"It is about poetising, plasticly musicalizing, seeking its specific rithms to geometry, armonizing and confronting it in combining games. There is no anecdote in this sculpture, but action, and everything placidly exposed, with its rythms and blood excitement. Delighting for its gravity and composure ".

José de Castro Arines

"Crespo Rivera´s will never be rythmless. They have been conceived for being proyected in the space and getting rid of every sensation of immovility".

J. R Alfaro

"The absence of the anecdote – why should art need anecdote? – is excessively compensated in Crespo Rivera´s work, with something even more meritorious and difficult: action".

Fernández Braso

“To understand these sculpaintings as a mere abstract transcription of the surrounding architecture would be erroneous, obvious and superficial. The one connection betwen Crespo’s work and the envolving romanic landscape is not the physical meaning, but the will of order. By the means of abstract forms, the author liberates his work of symbolistic intentions. Extracting from them the deep satisfaction that results from the perfect equilibrium of concluded forms”.

Lorenzo López Sancho